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Join the club.

Thank you for supporting American farmers, cheese makers, artisan producers and American small businesses.

Our members receive a monthly box of delicious American cheeses. Just like at our farmer market stands, our products are sourced from across our country.  They vary based on the seasons, the cheesemakers and what we're really liking at that moment. Give as a gift, try it for a month, or for a year. Yearly subscribers get an additional month for free. The costs is only $50/month for San Diego locals who can pick up at our market stands or $75/month shipped. (Right now, we only ship to the Western states)

We're known for amazing American cheeses and cured meats. Rest assured you'll be delighted with our selections. Every month will be a unique surprise. And, you can cancel any time with ease.

For now, we can only ship to: WA, OR, CA, AZ, NM, NV, NM & UT.

Learn more about American cheeses: American Cheese Society 

Still have questions? Head over to our FAQ page.

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